Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Samsung upgrading Galaxy S4

 The galaxy S4 is first in line for Android operating system 4.3, with the SFR plan showing New samsung will move out the upgrade later this month. The galaxy S III and galaxy Observe II will adhere to sometime in delayed Nov or beginning Dec, the SFR schedule notices. All up-dates will be provided as over-the-air produces and via the New samsung Kies content synchronize and program program.

The edition that appeared is a analyze firmware and is known as develop edition I9505XXUEMI8. It is suitable with the GT-I950 Universe S4.

Software editions such as this one could possibly cause problems with the product, so anyone planning to set up it should do so with alert. Customers that do decide to analyze it out should back up their whole system.

As custom requirements, everyone instantly started blaming New samsung of duplicating The apple company. That really seemed to be the situation, and New samsung did not seem to have any kind of protection this time around.

Even if it was not a legal problem, it was not a awesome move in many individuals' sight. But obviously, New
samsung is not the bad guy in this situation.

Samsung should not be getting so much junk for having a fantastic smart phone in their collection, especially now that we know it was both declared and launched before the statement of the silver 5S. And even then, duplicating a shade is not the best allegation to make. So relax understanding that everyone can have fantastic mobile phones.

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