Saturday, November 23, 2013

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Chillies

Green chilies are loved by many people who love to eat fresh and spicy food. Many people eat raw, fried or roasted green chili along with the salad and as a side dish in the main meals. Chili might be spicy and hot, however, it has amazing health benefits.
Green chilies are famous for the intense bitterness and the amount of heat it produces after consumption. However, a series of studies claim that the addition of green chilies in foods provide a lot of health benefits.
Rich in vitamins and low in fat and cholesterol, green chilies are a super food with super flavor. The heat that the capsaicin provides is even a health benefit, so when you feel the heat, you know it's working. Available fresh, dried, ground, canned or pickled, there are a number of ways to enjoy the taste and health benefits of green chilies.

Health benefits of green chillies

Taking spicy dishes with a lot of chilies and fiery capsaicin in the summer months will result in cooling down your body by sweating process.
  •     Biting a green chilly will result in the pain you feel and help to dissolve blood clots and aids in    digestion.
  •     Intake of it will helps a lot in your heart related problems.
  •     It increases your metabolism by burning your calories.
  •     It helps you to keep you in better mood.
  •     It is a good medicine for arthritis.
  •     High amounts of the antioxidant beta-carotene, in it supports the cardiovascular system a lot.
  •     Helps a lot in the health of eyes and immune system.
  •     Helps a lot in blocking the cholesterol content in body.
  •     Vitamin A in it will helpful in the health and maintenance of bones, teeth, mucous membranes.
  •     Vitamin C in it plays a key role in the maintenance of bones, teeth and cartilage.
  •     It promotes a good health in Intestines.
  •     It is a good treatment for nerve-related disorders like persistent pain, psoriasis and neuropathy.
  •     It acts as a natural pain reliever that is potent enough to help treat conditions like osteoarthritis.
  •     It helps a lot in facial twitching.
  •     It helps you to keep away from wrinkles.
  •     It acts as an anti inflammatory medicine for skin related issues.
  •     It helps maintain the health of the skin.
  •     Vitamin C in it helps in the cure of wounds.
  •     As an antioxidant, it strengthens overall health and helps the body fight infections.
  •     Vitamin C in it will helps in providing a glowing skin.


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