Saturday, November 2, 2013

Beauty of Nature "Petit St. Vincent is a world best private island"

Petit St. Vincent, known locally as PSV, is an island 40 statute miles (60 km) south of St. Vincent in the Grenadine islands. It consists of softly rolling hills spread over 115 acres (46 ha) surrounded mostly by two miles (3 km) of white sand beaches and is home to a luxury
beach resort.

The island is privately owned. In 1963 Haze Richardson and Doug Terman chartered their yacht, JACINTA, to Mr. H.W. Nichols, Jr. and family. During this three-week cruise, Mr. Nichols expressed interest in purchasing an island and building a small hotel. Haze and Doug helped Mr. Nichols find and purchase PSV from a woman on the neighboring island of Petit Martinique. Haze and Doug oversaw the building of PSV on behalf of Mr. Nichols who asked Haze to stay on as manager temporarily. Haze did and never left, becoming owner of Petit St. Vincent resort after Mr. Nichols' death in 1985.
Guests are encouraged to enjoy the privacy of their cottages and room service is available for each meal without any extra charges, guests place their orders in the quaint flag pole on the entrance of their cottage, raise the yellow flag and a butler will pop by in one of the island's mini moke cars and will take care of the guest's orders and requests. If guests would like complete privacy the flag pole comes also with a red flag, when raised this informs the team that they wish to be left undisturbed.

The main pavilion restaurant offers gourmet food & service, the talented executive chef delights guests with daily changing menus, a focus on the local caught fish and organically grown produce from the island's own expansive chef gardens, however succulent Black Angus Beef, New Zealand Lamb and other treats make regular apperences for the meat lovers. During the recent renovation a large walk in wine cellar was built at the main pavilion restaurant which houses over 4000 bottles.

New soundproof generators have been installed as well as state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water making equipment, providing every tap on the island with safe drinking water which is processed from ocean water.

The island and resort are managed by husband and wife team, Matthew & Anie Semark, since August 2011. Following the redevelopment of the island and the increase in service standards and guest experiences the resort was invited into the exclusive portfolio of 'Small Luxury Hotels of the World' in July 2013.

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