Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Amazing Health Benefits Of Suger Apple (Custard Apple/Sweetsop)

Sugar apple or sweet sop is a fruit that is widely grown in provinces here in the Philippines when I was a
kid. We call this atis or anonas. We used to have sugar apple tree in our front yard of our house in the province when I was younger but my uncle removed it when I was in High school. No one among my siblings likes to eat it but me. I won’t really say I love it but it is one of those fruits I eat. I have not eaten sugar apple fruit since then and I forgot anymore how it really tasted. All I can remember is it is sweet and that each time a fruit will fall down from the tree, soon after ants will be crawling to it.

Since I am very interested in health benefits of fruits and vegetables, I want to share what I found out from my researches.


Health Benefits of Sugar Apple:

  •     A muscle rub for arthritis, and taken internally for the painful inflammation of arthritis
  •     To regulate the menstrual cycle, drink in a tea or eaten
  •     One part rosemary oil and two parts olive oil rubbed into the scalp for growth and health of the hair
  •     There are anti-bacterial properties in rosemary, so soaking a cloth and pressing it to the underarm aids in controlling offensive body odors
  •     Rosemary is one of the oils used by aroma therapists to aid in fighting depression. It contains cineole which aids the central nervous system
  •     To revive a fainting victim place a drop or two of rosemary oil on a cloth and place under the nose.
  •     For muscle soreness toss a bag of rosemary into the bath water and relax
  •     To keep skin more supple and youthful drink rosemary tea and add rosemary to your favorite skincare regimen
  •     Rosemary improves circulation and blood flow to the head and brain
  •     Improves concentration
  •     Reduces the severity of asthma attacks
  •     Boosts your immune system
  •     Reduces swelling.

Source: http://www.bubblews.com/news/366883-amazing-benefits-of-sugar-apple-or-atis

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