Friday, March 14, 2014

Wallpaper: Bangladesh is called a land of natural beauties

The landscape of Bangladesh, as if, looks like a magical tapestry in green woven intricately by nature.

Bangladeshis called a land of natural beauties. She is nature’s darling child.

Bangladeshis a land of rivers. So many rivers have flowed through the country making it a beautiful waterland. The beauty of the rivers of Bangladeshis like a dream. The banks of the rivers present an unbroken view of a variety of sights which enchant the eyes. The grand spectacle of the rivers on a moonlit night is simply bewitching.

Bangladesh is the largest riverine delta in the world. The extensive river systems are fundamental to the country's economy and the people's way of life. Its low flat alluvial deltaic plains present an enchanting vista of vast verdant green fields sweeping the horizon. Bangladesh has some of the world's most fertile agricultural lands accounting for abundant growth of various crops. The north-eastern and south-eastern parts of the country are dotted with small hills and ridges, their average elevations being 244m and 610m respectively. The highest peak Keokradong in the south-east end of Bandarban district 1230 meters above the sea level. Thus with its variegated topographical features Bangladesh appears like a vibrant motif splashed with enchanting beauty and serenity.

Bangladeshis are essentially simple in nature. Since time immemorial they are noted for their valour and resilience as well as hospitality and friendliness. Bangladeshis are also equally known for their creativity. They have an innate quality of open mindedness.

The natural beauties have made this country the homeland of many animals and birds. So, no one can deny that Bangladeshis a matchless beauty spot in the world.

Photo Gallery of Natural Beauty of Bangladesh:


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