Monday, April 13, 2015

Pohela Boishakh is very much colorful festival in bangladesh

Pohela Boishakh in Bangladesh is very very much colorful as all the Bangladeshi people are Bangali and they just love their country and culture very much.

Origin & History of Pohela Boishakh:

The story of the origin has a few versions, however, they all go back to one particular Mughal emperor, Akbar the Great and the tax colleting process under his reign (1556-1609). Several hundred years ago, the economy almost entirely depended on agricultural productions. In Bengal, the agriculture necessarily revolved around its six seasons. Under the Mughals, tax was collected on the basis of Arabic or Hijri year that did not exactly go hand in hand with the seasonal cycle of this region.

For instance, when it was time for the landowners to collect taxes, the peasants would still be waiting to reap their products from the fields.

There are some common features of pohela boishakh among the Bangladeshi people i mean the Bengali.
Female wears traditional boishakhi saree in this day with colorful print. Female are always very much conscious about their

Pohela Boishakh Dresses.

Male wears traditional Panjabi and lungi or dhuti in this day.People sings very traditional Pohela Boishakh Song or also known as Boishakhi Song or Boishakhi Gan in this day actually they just love to be a pure Bangali in this day.

People try to send Pohela Boishakh Gift to their near and dear people. It's an very attractive tradition for Pohela boishakh.They may send Boishakhi Photos as a gift or something others. Normally all Bengali people try to take panta ilish as their breakfast in the morning. And they know very well about the panta ilish recipe. Besides these are lots of Boishakhi food recipe which Bangladeshi people try to cook in this day.

Targeting this day different fashion houses from home and abroad produces different types of fashionable dresses for Pohela Boishakh Fashion.

In Bangladesh during the boishakh 1st day there set huge Pohela Boishakh Concert for the the people who loves bangla songs. Most of them are free for all like ramna botomul concert, ruchi boishakhi concert etc. and some are also paid concert held in indoor stadiums.

For new generation people in Bangladesh mobile network enhances the enjoyment of Boishakh. They used to exchange different types of Pohela Boishakh SMS Message among family, friends and near and dear. There might be lots of colorful program around the country and also fairs (mela) for every people.

Aspects and Activities of Pohela Boishakh:

In Bangladesh, the day begins before the break of dawn when crowd gathers in Ramna Park for the Cultural show held by Chhayanat every year. Women mainly wear white Shari with red border. Since Boishakh brings spring, women adorn their hair with flowers and wear colorful churi (bangles) that symbolizes the many colors and renewed life in nature. On the other hand, men mainly wear traditional Panjabi with Paayjama, Lungi or Dhuti/Dhoti.

Boishakhi Parade (Mongol Shova jatra): Boishakhi Mongol Shobha Jatra is one of the biggest attractions of the day. Very early in the morning, the rally starts from the CharuKala Institute of Dhaka University.

Boishakhi Fair (Mela): It is arranged all over the country and continues for at least a week. There are a wide range of products and activities that make the fair an attraction to all age groups. From home accessories to anything and everything that speaks Bengali authenticity, find their way to here. One of the fun aspects of the Boishakhi Mela is the joy ride like the Merry-Go-Round and Ferris wheel. The ones seen in this fair are different in that these are much smaller with a simpler structure made out of wood and bamboo and lacking engines to run them. In stead, two or more men stand beside these rides to push.

Aalpona: In the front yard and staircases, miniature Aalponas or Rangolies, traditional designs, are drawn using bright colors like red, green, blue and yellow as well as powdered rice. Drawing gigantic Aalponas in the main streets and walls allnightlong is one fun activity where both male and female participates. 

Haalkhata: It is the ritual of closing the old Ledger and opening a new one with new entries on Pohela Boishakh. Tradersinvolved in gold, clothing or food business send out invitations to old customers and entertain them with sweets.

Sports:  Rural sports such as Nouka Baich (boat race), Kite flying, Bull Racing, and flying pigeons are among the more popular ones.

Photo Gallery of Pohela Boishakh:

Lastly, I would like to say Pohela Boishakh 1422 will be the most amazing day for Bangladeshi peoples

in this year. Hope you all will enjoy this day very very much. Best of luck everyone.

This year 2015, for pohela boishakh 1422, I wish for all the best Pohela Boishakh wishes.

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